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Historic Farming Legacy

a bond spanning generations

The Robies of Piermont and the Robies of Hooksett share an ancestral bond, well recorded in history. In the year 1600, Henry Robie ventured across the ocean to America and settled in New Hampshire. The story takes a tragic turn as Henry’s son, John and his entire family are killed in an Indian raid, that is all but one, Ichabod. Ichabod was kidnapped and taken to Canada by the Native Americans. He managed to escape and embarked on a perilous journey back to Southern New Hampshire. Ichabod later married Marie Cass and raised several children, including two sons, Samuel and John. Samuel Robie’s descendants settled in Hooksett where they became an integral part of the community as proprietors of the cherished Robie’s Country Store for four generations. John Robie’s descendants moved North to Corinth, Vermont, then ultimately ended up in Piermont, New Hampshire where Robies have farmed the same dirt for seven generations. These two Robie brothers are the connection that brings the store back into the Robie Family after 25 years.

Robie Farm has been in continuous operation since 1870. We are located in Piermont, NH on the upper and lower plain of the Connecticut River.

The Robie Farm raises beef and dairy cows, poultry and swine. In 2008 Lyman Robie, and his sons, made the decision to start selling meat and dairy products directly to you. From our family to yours. By diversifying agricultural production, we have been able to not only sell a wider variety of our own products but we have also built a cooperative of farmers that raise animals under our acronym HGAL (Humanely Raised, Growth Hormone-Free, All Natural, Locally Grown) which we designed to set the standard for the range of commodities we provide.

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From Our Family to Yours

Our goal is to always produce high quality, nutritious and great tasting products (meat, milk, cheese and eggs) that our customers appreciate and desire. We are committed to making sure our patrons know who we are and where their food comes from by cultivating strong relationships.