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As a specialty meats store, we can provide custom cuts of beef, pork and poultry. The majority of our products are raised right at our farm in Piermont NH. Any outside specialty options not found on our farm are locally sourced through a small cooperative that the Robie Farm has established, over many years, with other small local farms that stand aligned in their practices of raising healthy, chemical free, hormone free products.

We are able to provide any cut of meat our patrons desire along with our farmstead dairy products.

Our Beef and Pork are raised on our farm or on local farms that raise the animals in accordance with our specifications. Our beef and pork are processed in North Haverhill, NH or Braintree, Vermont. Robie Farm Pastured Poultry whole birds are raised and processed on our farm in Piermont, NH. Chicken Parts are grown from farmers in Pennsylvania up to Maine and are processed in Gardiner, Maine.


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Our meat products adhere to the Robie’s humanely raised, growth hormone free, all-natural and locally grown (HGAL) production standards. These standards represent the ethos that we constantly strive to meet. Our Normande, Hereford, and Angus crosses provide outstanding components of flavor and tenderness. From spring to fall, our herd grazes day and night on lush grass. During the winter months, they are fed hay and supplemented with protein-rich grain.
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Tenderloin, Ribeye, Flank, Sirloin, Porterhouse, Tri-Tip.


Rib Roast, Eye Round, Top Round, Bottom Round, Chuck Ground Beef, 4, 6, & 8oz Patties, Stew Meat, Ribs, Shanks, Organs & Bones.

Richly marbled, juicy, tender, and loaded with flavor.

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Our Pasture Poultry operation produces humanely raised, all-natural pasture grass and grain chickens and turkeys right here on our farm. The specialized technique is to raise poultry in movable structures from May through October on pasture as opposed to indoor confinement. The result is meat that is high quality, tender, flavorful and rich in vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acids. Robie Farm birds are processed here on our farm in a unique way to ensure that flavor and quality are not lost. We never use a chlorine bath, and no dyes or preservatives are used in the processing of our poultry.

Available Sizes

Whole, Quartered & Half Chickens Chicken Breasts Bone-In & Boneless with Skin & Skinless Thighs Bone-In & Boneless Chicken Legs, Drumsticks, Party Wings Chicken Feet, Organs Ground Chicken Also available: Boneless Duck Breast

We have Thanksgiving Turkeys! Call to reserve yours!

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We raise our own supply of pork from piglets to finished hogs. We maintain the HGAL standard with all the pork we sell. Our pigs are raised in a hoop house that allows a natural environment with deep bedding, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Pigs have a strong instinct to root with their noses and in the hoop house they can do just that. They receive a daily ration of premium grain and a combination of hay and plant clippings. We have a variety of breeds: Yorkshire, duroc and Berkshire which equates to pork meat that is uniquely lean, juicy, and has a great depth of flavor.


Loin Roasts Bone-In & Boneless, Shoulder, Tenderloin


Bone-In & Boneless, Sirloin Cutlets Baby Back Ribs, Bacon, Bacon Ends, Pork Belly Ground Pork, Bones, Organs, Pig Heads, Sweet & Hot Italian Sausage, Kielbasa, Bratwurst and Crankin’ Country Sausage (Special Robie Family Recipe)

Also Available: Ground Veal & Lamb